This Is About YOU

You have an important decision to make…

It’s a decision that will impact your everyday life, loved ones, and bank account.

It’s a decision about the kind of future you want for yourself, your family, and fellow Newfoundlanders and Labradorians.
It’s a decision about which leader will make life better today and for years to come.
As with any important decision, you have to take a hard look at the options before taking deliberate action toward your desired outcome.
That’s why Ches Crosbie wrote a special report titled, ‘How To Choose A Better Future’ – to help you make your decision according to the future you desire.
This special report is a fair and frank account of your options. Don’t believe that? Download it now for free to make up your own mind.


Inside, you’ll also discover:

  • A reliable way to predict how another Dwight Ball Liberal government will look, sound, and act
  • What differentiates our most admired political leaders from politicians who busy themselves playing politics as usual
  • An incomplete list of Liberal promises that Dwight Ball made, then broke (No Fight Dwight doesn’t want you to see this)
  • What Ches Crosbie thinks when people say he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, just wants to be like his father, and doesn't understand everyday people (you might not expect this!)
  • Why you should believe Ches when he says he’ll deliver true change
  • Ches’ vision, mission, core values, and priorities
  • What a Ches Crosbie government would say (hint: it starts with ‘No to unreasonable taxes and new levies!’)
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