Liberal scandals have dominated the headlines for five years. It’s clear that it’s time for a change in government.

Below, see our throwback highlighting the top ten Liberal scandals of the past five years.


“Nova Scotia RCMP to Investigate Allegation of Political Interference Against Former Justice Minister”

January 11, 2021


“Crosbie grills cabinet minister over phone call to police, but Liberals deny any foul play: The Tory leader accused Tourism Minister Bernard Davis of meddling in police investigation”

December 14, 2020


“Roadwork spending in transportation minister’s district saw 854% increase in 3 years”

November 22, 2019


“Gerry Byrne fined for breaking hunting rules, after being named land resources minister”

March 2, 2020


“Furey two months behind opponent in releasing leadership bid finances”

And Furey still hasn’t released his campaign financial records!

October 22, 2020


“New investigation into controversial hiring at The Rooms looking into paper trail: ‘It is something that raises my eyebrows,’ says privacy commissioner”

December 19, 2019


“RCMP lay no charges against Sherry Gambin-Walsh for cabinet leak”

September 9, 2020


“Opposition wants to know why contract for Newfoundland and Labrador’s new mental health hospital didn’t go to lowest bidder”

September 2, 2020


“Nalcor executive bonuses ‘tone deaf’ at time of fiscal strife: consumer advocate”

December 4, 2020


“N.L. government looking to deter access-to-information requests, critics say: Critics calling submissions ahead of ATIPP review self-serving, assault to democracy”

January 6, 2021


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